iPOPmedia will be offering our first product, MobileCastNetwork, in the spring of 2005. MobileCastNetwork delivers LIVE CABLE TV PROGRAMMING service to MOBILE DEVICES(Cell Phones, PDA's). We will be initially launching with a minimum of 20 channels. Premium channels will be added later at an additional charge. MobileCastNetwork is a SUBSCRIPTION Based Service. These Cable TV Channels will be available to all paid subscribers of  GSM carriers, Cingular/ATT and TMobile. We plan to offer CDMA carriers, Verizon and Sprint, similar services in the near future.

MobileCastNetwork's delivery method for video to mobile devices is with Real Networks Player, embedded or downloadable. Being a SUBSCRIPTION Based Service will allow iPOPmedia to restrict access to video content by paying customers of MOBILE DEVICES ONLY! CONTENT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO DESKTOP AND LAPTOP COMPUTERS . Through user logins, password authentication and real-time, REAL Server authentication built-in; all content will be delivered Exclusively to the paid subscribers of MobileCastNetwork! iPOPmedia will provide direct subscription service through our website along with negotiated direct billing services through carrier relationships.

 MobileCastNetwork's method of using Real Player for delivery insures the customer a SUPERIOR VIEWING EXPERIENCE compared to our competitors. MobileCastNetwork delivers 176x144 video at 15 up to 20FPS, at 28K on the GPRS/GSM networks and at 20 up to 30FPS, at 70k on the Edge/GMS network. Compare this with our competitions claim of up to 10FPS 



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